Carshalton & Wallington Conservative MP accused of cynical U-turn over Windfall Tax

  • Government finally announces a Windfall Tax on oil and gas companies the day after damning report into Prime Minister is published

  • Families in Sutton £800 worse off due to tax hikes

Carshalton & Wallington's local Conservative MP has been accused of a “cynical U-turn” after voting against a Windfall Tax last week, despite the Chancellor announcing a new tax today on oil and gas firms.

Last week, 248 MPs voted in favour of a Windfall Tax on the record profits of oil and gas firms. Yet Carshalton & Wallington's Conservative MP Elliot Colburn did not show his support for the proposal. 

Just a day after from Sue Gray’s damning report into illegal parties at Downing Street, the Conservative Government completed a U-turn on introducing a Windfall tax on oil companies. 

The Liberal Democrats were the first party to call for a Windfall Tax on oil and gas companies in October 2021, with the funds raised being used to cut people’s energy bills. 

New analysis by the Liberal Democrats has also revealed Rishi Sunak’s tax hikes have cost the average household £800. 

Bobby Dean, Liberal Democrat parliamentary spokesperson for Carshalton & Wallington said:

"I was out with the Sutton Liberal Democrats last November with a petition for a windfall tax. As recently as last week, our Conservative MP voted against the proposal. This is a cynical U-turn following another day of scandal for Boris Johnson. 

“The Chancellor’s arrogant dismissal of a windfall tax left pensioners in Carshalton & Wallington sitting in the cold last winter.

“The announcement in Parliament today still falls short of what we asked for and, coupled with Rishi Sunak’s tax hikes, families will still be losing out.

"It’s time Carshalton & Wallington had an MP who will stand up for them in Parliament, not just follow orders from their boss.”

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